The Cleanse: Days 9 & 10

Day 9:

Before I get into some good detoxing info and recipes I want to touch on a topic that I've poured my heart and soul into for just about the past (9+6) 15 months of my life...
baby & baby mama!



Or in other words.. from Conception to Breastfeeding.
A lot of women have a lot of questions when they first find out they are pregnant..I know I did.  Such as:

"What can and can't I eat?"
"What can and can't I drink?"
"Is it safe to still run and lift weights?"
"Am I ever going to look the same again?!"

I may have not known all of the answers to all of my questions then, but now having gone through it I feel as if I can shed a little light on the topic... you know, a few "veteran" tips. :)
 During the beginning stages I definitely knew it was up to me to find out for myself and not rely on the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS (slight exaggeration) of unwanted advice/tips from others.  I knew that it didn't make sense that the world treated a pregnant woman as if she was handicapped (although it was nice every now and then!)  I knew that I was NOT exactly to be eating for TWO.  I also knew that if there was ANY time for me to eat healthy, the time was NOW.. because my body was helping knit together the building blocks of my little baby's small bones and vital organs... and I wanted him/her to have the strongest heart, brain, etc... that a baby could have!
Now, I also was not ignorant and I knew that if it was not divine will for my baby to come into this world that no matter what I did..well, it just wouldn't be.  So therefore.. the parts that I knew I could control, I was going to do my best.

So I made sure I..

Ate more of these:

Organic (Reduced number of pesticides and agricultural chemicals) Fruits and Veggies esp. dark leafy greens!
Nuts, seeds, and beans for protein
Fresh veggie & fruit juice!

Less of these:

Antibiotic, added hormones, and processed meats
Processed foods
Processed sugar and starches
Certain seafood's such as tuna (containing mercury)

Kept doing this:

Running (this esp. helped with my morning sickness.. definitely got the "looks" when I was 8 1/2 months tho-)
Lifting weights (Nothing too extreme)
And most importantly LIVING and LOVING!  I wanted her to know and feel love both inside and outside of my belly.

Added these:

Prenatal vitamins
Extra Vit. D (10,000 IU)

As far as birth goes, we ALL have our own opinion and I have supported others who have chose to go in a different direction than myself; as well as they have supported me.  I chose an unmedicated birth for personal reasons (Thank God for Rick and Chelsea, as they were my SUPPORT TEAM).
And since this is my blog I will speak of the path that I chose to take..so..
If you are interested in some of the background as to why and how I chose natural birth here are a few of the books, sites, and videos that helped win my heart on the decision that I made. (I highlight the word decision, because that's exactly what it is...it is a decision, you(mom) do have a choice).

The Books:  Having a Baby Naturally   and

The Documentary "The Business of Being Born" by Ricki Lake: http://www.thebusinessofbeingborn.com/

This video.. it just spoke to me.  For those who choose to watch it, just know that it does show "everything."

And breastfeeding...
My bond and my choice.  This too can be a touchy subject.  So I'll just start by saying I am blessed to have been able to nurse my daughter and I am thankful for our special time together.
I believe it's important, especially while breastfeeding, to continue a clean diet.  Pretty much the same as you would eat while pregnant... but hopefully you eat clean all the time :) (don't roll your eyes!) Here is a list of benefits of nursing that I got from Whole Foods..
  • Breast milk is perfectly designed- and constantly changing-for baby's developmental needs
  • It contains antibodies for baby and hormones to help the uterus contract after birth
  • It is better digested, with less gas, constipation and eating problems than formula.
  • Breastfeeding is more convenient, less expensive and helps bond mother and child.
  • It promotes the mother's return to a healthy weight.
-Chart is from "Be Good to Your Whole Baby, Whole Foods Market."

Now shall we move on??

Whats for dinner!?!

Sauteed green beans and homemade mashed potatoes (without milk)
This was one of my more dense meals.. meaning it is not "quick exiting" or shall we say..easily digestible. 
  • String beans (fresh)
  • Butter
  • Fresh minced garlic
  • Sea Salt and Pepper
First boil the beans for a few minutes to get tender.  Drain the water and saute them in butter, garlic, sea salt, and pepper.. enjoy :)

Mashed potatoes (soo easy)
  • Red potatoes
  • Butter
  • Salt & Pepper
Boil potatoes until tender.  Drain.  With a potato masher, mash them together with butter, salt, and pepper until they are of the consistency that you'd like.  Rick loved them!
I also made a venison burger for Rick on the side.. I didn't eat it though..too much to digest for the detox diet right now.

Day 10:

I'll start off with telling you what a BAD DECISION I made...
I decided to "push hard" at the gym today.. Lifting weights, running, and sitting in the steam room.
How stupid.. I literally laid on the couch ALL.DAY.LONG. 
My body is trying so hard to clear out all of the toxins and bad things inside of it, it really doesn't have the extra energy for me to "give-it-my-all" at the gym.  I learned the hard way.. so now I know and so do you!

Mexican Hot Vegetable Salad with Avo-Salsa Dressing
I sauteed red peppers, cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions together with turmeric(yellow tint to the mix) and cumin powder

Avo-Salsa Dressing
 It is what it sounds like.. Mashed up avo into salsa.

I placed spinach on a plate and topped it with the dressing and warm veggies.  The reason I used spinach is because I don't mind when spinach is warmed and wilts some.. can't say the same for normal wilted lettuce.

Rick ate the same vegetable mix above, but instead of on a salad he put it in a tortilla and added ground venison.. basically, he made tacos :)

Thanks for reading!!
Until next time...

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