Not in Kansas anymore, but we're doin' alright!!

My new self portrait ;)

    We've been in Florida a little less than a week now and it feels like its been a month already... It's almost as if we just picked up where we left off in Lexington... well, sort of.  Minus all of our peeps.

 The movers came last Friday to pack us up, which was absolutely wonderful.  We decided to get out of their hair and just head on to Fl.  They were going to meet us in Viera on Saturday morning to unload our things so it worked out where we were able to stop and visit my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Jacksonsville on Friday evening.  We spent Saturday and half of Sunday unpacking and somehow managed to get completely situated and still enjoy some of Father's day.

   This week we dove in head first.  Mara Mae started VBS this past Monday at the Church at Viera and she was over the moon excited!  She asked me that morning if the school bus was coming to pick her up ;)  "No baby, not for bible school."  
    That same day I tried out a new gym down the road, called Club Performax, that seems similar to the one I was going to back in Lexington.  I've been twice since then and so far so good.  Not my same group of girls from back home, but I have to stop trying to recreate what I had and appreciate what we are "in" and enjoy.  

     Tuesday, I volunteered at VBS so I could learn more about the church as well as just meet some other ladies.  We look forward to attending a service there as well as getting to know the people of this area.  Rick also started a new crossfit gym and it seems to be a good fit for him.  We have visited a few parks, shops, and restaurants as well.  (I may or may not have mom stalked at Target and Starbucks this week too)
 This weekend we are planning on trying a restaurant on the water and maybe visiting the Brevard Zoo.

Rotary Park on the Indian River 

Post first workout at the new gym documented with a sweaty selfie 

Mara Mae at her first day of VBS <3 <3 <3

   So clearly you can see why I feel like we've already been here a while.. but for some reason I think that's the way you should do it.  And by "it" I mean relocate without going insane.  Just dive in..head first.  It gives less time to sit and think and makes you just GET OUT.  The time I have had to sit and think about all of what our old hometown gave us it sort of does make me sad...so staying busy is good for the time being.  

So for now I have learned ---> Explore, involve yourself, and participate.  It's not easy being the "new kid on the block" but Ill be darned if Im going to sit against the wall just because I don't know anyone at the dance.  If we sat the bench we'd have already missed a ton of fun this week!  Its best just to get out there and "do it"  Know what I mean?  Anyway, it seems to be working thus far for us, so thats what Im going on.

  As much as we miss everyone we both have a lot of peace and excitement about this venture.  God has led us and has not left us.  He is with us and we feel his presence.  It has been so obvious, you can just feel it within our day to day lives and our attitudes.  We are so blessed and are thankful to be a part of His plans.

  It is pretty crazy thinking we had the whole East Coast to choose from and we pinned down this small town called Viera.. I look forward to seeing what is in our future here.  Ohh and can hardly wait to have visitors soon and really look forward to getting on the house hunt so we have more space for everyone that comes!  

Lots of love, hugs and kisses from the newest Floridians (but forever Carolinians),

And now to end on real note.... 

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