Palmetto's to Orange's

Exactly 7 days from now our family will, Lord willing, be packed up and on the road to the Sunshine State.  This all of the sudden seemed to just BOOM happen over night. We knew the move was coming for a year and time moved slow for a while, but I can't seem to make it slow down now!  The movers are scheduled and what a blessing it is not to have to stress about packing!!  We've been out of town so much its been tough being able to say goodbye to everyone.  That just means they will have to come visit!!

Where we will be living...

We are moving to Florida's Space Coast.  We are living in Melbourne (Viera/Suntree) within Brevard County.  It is very centralized within Rick's territory and seems to offer a ton for families!  There's Port Canaveral where all the cruise ships come in and depart at, there is the Kennedy Space Center, Brevard Zoo (right across from we are living!), beach and waterways of course, and for Mara Mae's excitement we are roughly 40 minutes from Disney World :) (Actually we are all excited about that...)

Having a lot of exciting things to do there and knowing we are among great school sytstems gives this mama a lot of peace.  The greatest comfort however is knowing that God has paved our path here every step of the way.  We are sad to leave our family and friends however it has been so clear to us that this is where the Lord is taking us and to have that peace and comfort brings a lot of confidence to this whole process.  It is scary but exciting at the same time ... we are looking to grow together as a family of 4 and take this journey day by day.

Mara Mae will be starting Pre-K and I have also found a gym that seems like-minded to my home away from home in Lexington Body Shop Athletics.  We have looked at a number of churches we want to try and I may just be able to get Mara in VBS too!  Our goal is to try to get involved.  We are looking forward to having neighbors too... we are renting about 6-7 months while we take our time with the home searching process which is exciting that we can take our time, learn the area and enjoy it! We are fairly social people and I know that relationships take time to build.  So that being said..due time I'm sure it will feel like home.


I am so thankful for a husband who takes pride in his leadership role as a husband and father.  I make that statement because Rick probably never thought he would leave SC.  Growing up my family moved a lot, we adapted to new schools, friends and environments quickly.  I believe it cultured us in a lot of ways and we met a lot of amazing people over the years.   As Rick and I prayed for our futures, God heard us and unfolded this opportunity right before our eyes.  I know my husbands love for the Lord and for his family is what has given him the most peace about this big move.  Together we are going to experience a lot and we are looking forward to the ride.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and has supported us through all of this.  It is such a blessing to have such wonderful friends and family.  

With Love,

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