Sprints for ALL LEVELS: My Under 20 Min. Cardio Routine

There are a million reasons we can make up in our minds NOT TO, but let's focus on why we CAN.

Here are a few of my "Why's"

God has blessed me with a strong and healthy body, I choose to honor it in order to honor Him
•To look and feel good about myself
•I want to be a good example for my children as well as be fit enough to keep up and play with them!
•My husband and I are extremely active and staying fit makes our adventures so much more fun 

What are some of your reasons for wanting and keeping a healthy lifestyle?  Take some time to think about 3 things that help motivate you.  Write them down and look at them daily.

Here is a short, but straight to the point, cardio sprint workout!  It's great for those days I just want to do quick cardio, but I want to make it really count too.  A 20 minute jog isn't near as effective as 20 minutes of on and off sprinting!
Each fitness level is marked!

Make it happen today and leave those excuses in the dust!



Beginners Work Out

I am well aware that not everyone is ready for 50 burpees followed by 100 jumping squats!  Every single one of us in on a different fitness journey and for some it is just the beginning.  Kudos to you if you're just starting a fitness routine, because that is the HARDEST part!
AMEN to that!!

If you are the person who is ready for change, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and is ready to stop making excuses then this is for you.

Take it slow.  One day at a time.  And remember that EVERYONE gets discouraged!  God gave you an amazing vessel, honor him by caring for it! 

Love you all,


Booty-licious Leg Workout: Do it anywhere!

I have so many women asking me...

"How do I work out my booty?!"  

I love being able to supply other women with the tools they need to feel better about themselves.  I put together a little number that you can do anywhere and that is sure to target the boot-tayyy!  

So here it goes... and by the way, the "Spell-check person" clearly doesn't work-out!  Glute is a real word ;) 


Today's cardio workout, pre & post meals, & benefits of interval training!

This morning I had to adjust my schedule around our 9:45 dentist appointment, which is my normal workout time.  I got the kids up and we headed over to the gym in our community for a quick cardio interval workout.  I love these because they are quick, intensive, and I can burn some major calories!

Just a small circus at the gym ;) 
 I could easily make excuses, but I have prioritized my health too much and I believe its important for my kids to see that sort of discipline! 

Pre-Workout Snack:  1/2 cup of Oatmeal (quick energy!)
Post-Workout:  IsaLean Shake (24g undenatured protein, helps to repair broken down muscle and promote lean muscle growth)


  • burn more calories during and after your workout
  • get faster and stronger 
  • great lung expansion
  • increase cardiovascular health
  • relieves BOREDOM! ( I get very bored very easily on the treadmill and intervals help a ton!)

Now you're turn!

Help motivate others around you today and grab a partner and hit the treadmill together!  



Let's get real...


    In the social media realm we tend to share only the highlights of our lives.  The fun, exciting and beautiful parts of our very existence. Which really is a natural thing to do...it does make sense why we share our great daily happenings.  I mean, who wants to share their bad hair day with everyone or an argument they had with their significant other??  No one right?  And I personally am one that gets extremely irritated with overly negative people!  Old school....if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all!  So I naturally lean in a more optimistic uplifting direction anyway.

 Instead, we share things like that 1 day of the week we did full-on hair and make up and broke out the stilettos...  or when we are headed out for some awesome vacation in a cute monogrammed floppy hat. You know where I'm going with this and admit it or not we ALL KNOW it's a #truestory (Que hashtag haters).  

(Pause for comedy..
          ...but really though)

    Anyway, the reality is everyday isn't a perfect highlight reel.  If I really step back and take a look at my life, a good solid look... the most monumental and life changing moments, besides my wedding, were messy, challenging, difficult, and uncomfortable!  Really. They were.  Can you think of those times in your life that really shook you to your core?  That drew you closer to your beliefs?  They weren't a day at the park were they?!  Those trials and tribulations that you were swimming in, for what at the time seemed like forever, you thank the good Lord above He put you through?!  Man, that's the good stuff right?  Those challenges that we fight through grant us wisdom and character.

   So why, why do we insist on projecting out to the world a false sense of reality??  Because that's what it is.. It's not an exact representation of your true day to day life, so in essence, it's false. There are people out there literally comparing their REAL LIVES to your HIGHLIGHT REEL.  Now now, I know we could reciprocate different opinions on this but hear me out...  let me make another point before moving on, I know that if people are so obsessive and jealous then social media probably isn't the place for them.. But let's get real.. We have all been a little critical of ourselves at times and maybe a tad bit envious and sometimes it could be triggered by hopping on Facebook or Instagram.  I'll use this mom of two kids I know reallllllly well as an example...
While ignoring her chores managing her household she logged on Facebook for a moment just to take a glance and on her newsfeed she saw that that girl she's not actually friends with in real life, but according to fb she technically is, just posted that she's going on a 2 week trip to Hawaii #lifeisgood #vacay #mylifeisawesome #aloha #idonthavekidsandyoudo  ..meanwhile she just changed the nastiest diaper her baby has ever had, "seriously what did I feed him?!"
  She asked herself out loud just loud enough for her 3 year old to hear her and ask "Mommmmmy, are you talking to yourself again?"
"Yes. Yes I am." She answered while dreaming of an umbrella in her drink, feet on the sand and the wind blowing her hair... 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mother.. But at the same time I'm just being honest.  My days are a far cry from perfect family photos or brady bunch kids..   I could lie and bust out some hashtags real quick.. #ilovechangingpoopydiapers #ilovetoddlermeltdowns #ilovefolding8loadsoflaundry #ilovehangingoutinsweatygymclothes

No make up about to head to the gym...heyyy   

Those that TRULY know me know that I am ALWAYS in gym clothes (which at least I try to keep a decent variety in that department...i do my love Lulu.)  My hair is normally pulled back, I probably have some baby food smudged somewhere on my clothes, I have 2 littles ones hanging on me and most of the time sometimes my mid day snack is a starbucks coffee.  Nothing too magical there right?  So naturally, when I get dolled up that 1 night of the week I feel the need to capture it...as proof that it really happened.  Seriously, I walked out one night all dressed up and my daughter said..
"You look weird...really pretty though...but weird."  I think what she was trying to tell me was
"Mom, Im not use to this look, but it looks nice."
And of course in my mind Im thinking "I should do this more often...." (Que:  beating myself up about not dressing up more)

       So what I'm beginning to suggest is people just getting real.  Seriously.. Instead of sparking a comparison thought in someone, what if you gave them something else, something meaningful.  You invited them in to a real part of your life that they could RELATE to.  You're putting it all out there anyway!!  Not saying that you shouldn't put the wonderful things that happen to you up, because you SHOULD and those things are to be celebrated, but if you just started to embrace your IMPERFECTIONS a little more imagine the freedom in that?  Imagine the impact!!?

What if instead of that next steamy date night or #bestdayever we post something, shall I say, normal?  #reallife 
 I just want to encourage you today to love yourself and one another..know that who you are is enough.  You don't have to pretend to be more, cover up imperfections, or put on a fascad.  You're a person that is loved and admired and people are drawn to that authenticity.  Genuine 100% realness.  

Choose to be different, be better.  Be real.  Be influential.  Be honest.  Be approachable.  

 I believe there's another way to say that? Oh yeah..go against the grain...

I am going to take some time to show you a few clips of my everyday.  Nothing glorious, but I will say I love my life.  I love working from home and getting time with these babies.. even if I spend most of my day in yoga pants changing dirty diapers, fixing snacks, and cleaning.  Its all good!  Enjoy checking out my reality..
Ill spend the next 30 minutes washing stamps off her leg... exciting!

You love my style?  Cotton t-shirts...

3 going on 13!

Henry boy doing his thing at the gym

Pureed peas and carrots anyone?  Typical Sunday evening activity.. #sundayfunday

I do spend many of my days loving on my babies!!

Glorious laundry...this is why its never done!

Snapshot of  our romantic dinners at home ;)

#letsgetreal #letsempowereachother 


Spring time trail mix: healthy snack

My husband LOVES trail mixes so I decided to make him a homemade batch this week. Awesomewifeaward!

PREP LEVEL: Very easy.

What you'll need:
  • 2 Pint size plastic bags or tupperware
  • Dried cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Mixed nuts (I used raw almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts)
  • Small chocolate pieces (Found the cutest pastel colored chocolate chips from Target <3 )

Equal parts of all and shake the bag or container to mix.  And now we have a festive healthy snack!

  • quick energy boost from the carbohydrates in the dried fruit
  •  sustained energy from fats in nuts
  • Dark chocolates have antioxidants (my pastel chocolates however do not..)


Burn It: High Intensity Work Out.

Ready to get sweaty today?!  Let's "burn it" with this high intensity workout!

First...let's get warm!

Warm up for 5-10 minutes doing any of the following exercises:

  • Jump rope
  • Jogging
  • Lunge with hamstring kick
  • Mountain climbers
  • Slow squats 

Each set is 1 minute and the key is to go straight to the next exercise.  The only rest is at the end of your round!  Your challenge is 4 rounds... If you're feeling frisky go for 5!

Fill me in on how you did!!


Cauliflower pizza recipe that actually tastes GOOD!

I have had SO MANY cauliflower fails from cauliflower mashed potatoes to cauliflower pizza.. & FINALLY I've discovered 1 my family loves!  It's a must share!  Expect medium prep on this, it's definitely not a 10 minute meal.

Preheat to 350

  • 1/2 head of grated cauliflower (I put mine in my BlendTec blender on the Chop Setting)
  • 3-4 sautéed minced garlic cloves 
  • Evoo
  • 1/2 c cheese for mixture
  • 1/2 c cheese for topping
  • Marinara sauce
  • Toppings of your choice (we used peppers, onions, and pepperonis from Trader Joes)
  • 1 egg white 
  • S & P

  1. Place grated cauliflower in a microwave safe bowl and cook for 5 minutes.  Drain any excess water
  2. Add in cheese, sautéed garlic, tbsp of evoo, s&p, and egg. Mix together
  3. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper and pour mixture on top
  4. Take a another piece of parchment paper and place over mixture and spread out evenly on pan with hands using paper as a protective layer with minimal mess!
  5. Next bake for 30 minutes
  6. Remove from oven
  7. Grabbing both ends of paper flip onto other side carefully and cook for another 5 minutes
  8. Top with sauce, cheese and toppings and cook for another 10-12.
  9. Enjoy your wheat-less pizza!

Not picture perfect, but it was indeed delicious!

Couldn't resist squeezing in some LOVE during dinner!


Where I've been.. Where I am now.. and where I am going...

Why hello there strangers...

 It has been quite sometime since I have given any sort of update on my life.  And by "quite some time" I mean roughly 3 years.  YEP.   You've sat and waited on this busy mama and I am back and committed to a minimum of ONE weekly blog for the next 3 MONTHS!  My posts will cover:  new workouts, recipes, fitness/nutritional facts/tips,  and family life!

So let's rewind together shall we?
(Ill touch on the big things...let's be honest, you don't have all day to hear about the past few years of my life! :)

TWO years ago during this same exact time of year I was competing in my first ever bikini competition.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone, however it was an awesome way to set a goal.  I competed in the SNBF Bikini Competition for my PRO Card.

My competition preparation required 3 things.
1. Commitment
2. Physical Training
3. A Solid Nutritional Program

It was an experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone...we tend to grow as people when we do that.  This taught me a lot about myself.  I am grateful for the experience and the blessing of winning 1st place and Overall!  
I got my first pro card.. and my last because...

A little stork came to visit me after 9 months!
  I got pregnant in October 2012 with a sweet little boy who's name is James Henry Grice.  He came into this world last June 7th at 6:53 a.m.  My labor and birth (which Ill have to share that story sometime) with him was incredible and somehow my heart made room to love another child.  I am one blessed woman. 

Right before having JH we sold our house and Rick got a new job with Nucor.  It's requiring him to train here in SC for a year and we will be making a big move in May.  I'll share more info on that in the coming weeks!  It sure has been a wild, crazy and busy year but we have grown by LEAPS & BOUNDS... As individuals, as Christians, as husband and wife, as parents, and just flat out in GENERAL.  Our faith has doubled friends and for everything we've faced in the past year I am grateful.  

(Rick, Mara Mae, James Henry, and yours truly Mama Grice.)

We call him J.H. or Henry for the most part and he has the best big sister in the WORLD!  This picture is what my heart beating outside of my chest looks like...

Needless to say once I got to feeling back to normal after having my second child I got back on track with my workouts.  I thank God for that outlet... otherwise I may go crazy some days.  Literally.  Like today would have been one of those days.   WOOPS! Anyway, I'm thankful for that handsome sweaty guy in the picture above...he supports me as a wife, a mother, and he supports all of my passions.  It's a blessing to know you married your soulmate.

Oh yeah... and I chopped off all of my HAIR.  Crayyy, I know.  You couldn't have convinced me otherwise.  HORMONES  It's been nice not having the little one pull on it, but I really do miss my long hair some days... especially the ease of throwing it up in a pony tail!

*Hair was donated to locks of love

And so here we are, a busy family of 4!  Getting geared up for a BIG move and I can't wait to share with everyone about where we are going.  It is exciting and scary at the same time, but God has led us straight to this very point and we will continue to trust His guidance.  He has made things happen for us and opened doors that we could have NEVER dreamt.  He is an almighty and powerful God and I have witnessed the magnitude of his love, grace, and mercy.  We are simply humbled.

I am so glad to be back and getting in the swing of things.  Sharing my passions for health, fitness, and family is such a blessing and I know God has gifted me with the ability to help so many.  It would just be wrong not to! ;)  Love to all and thanks for catching up.

Talk to you soon