Cardio & Ab Blast!! ||30 Minutes til' done||

    If you're tired of your same ole' cardio or ab routine here is something to help change it up.  Remember it's all about how hard you push yourself!  In short...don't waste your own time!  Getting stronger and pushing hard IS uncomfortable.  You SHOULD be sweating and out of breath!  It's a great way to release toxins as well as create some good lung expansion.  

    So with this routine go the extra mile.  Count your reps and try to top or match them, increase your cardio speed or add a greater incline.  After a good workout I love saying it's made me a better woman ;). What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, right?!


Remember to stretch after and eat or drink a good source of protein during that 1 hour post workout window.  It will help you recover and repair broken down muscle as well as promote lean muscle growth. 

Get moving!


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