It's hard to find a place to even begin with this because it has been such a long journey for our family.  I touched a little bit a while back about how my husband Rick gained a new position with a wonderful company, and since he began last May he has been training and preparing to accept a greater position that requires us to relocate.   When he first accepted the position we knew that we could end up anywhere, but because of God's clear guidance with this transition we trusted it was all in His plan... and who's plans are greater than His??  So literally we went around 9 months before we had ANY clue where we were going to move! Sitting. Waiting. Wishing. We had just sold our home, which worked out perfectly because we didn't have to worry about selling it when it came time to move and we knew we'd be in SC for at least 12 more months so we signed a 1 year lease.  (God stuff...he moved mountains for us.. #nobigdeal).  But that's not all He worked out for us.  Rick would have a 30 minute commute each way to work, so he decided for our family he would sell his truck and buy a new car for fuel efficiency.  Well, we put a for sale add out for his truck and it turns out the man that wanted to buy his truck literally had the EXACT car we were looking for!  C-R-A-Z-Y!  So that once again affirmed that we were heading in the right direction with this new job.  Im telling you, when you let it go and TRUST in Him you need not worry because the Lord can do way WAY WAYYY more than any man could.  

  Okay, so that leads us to now.. the present.. one of the craziest and scariest times of my life!  We will be moving to... Drumroll....

 The Grice family is headed to none other than the SUNSHINE STATE!! 

 Praise God for not wanting to send us to somewhere like North Dakota or millions of miles away!  His territory will be from Ormond Beach down to the Caribbean Islands <--- my secretarial assistance will definitely be needed when traveling here.   If you look up at the picture of the state of Florida and see where the space ship is, well thats around-a-bout where we will be.
When I first found out we were moving there I was excited, which don't get me wrong I still am thrilled!  For so many reasons 1) It could be much further 2) It's a vacay spot, people will definitely want to come visit! heyyyy  3) I do have some family in Fl. 4) It's a great opportunity for us
On a serious note, time is coming to an end here in SC for us and it is really starting to hit me... everything and everyone I know and love (give or a take some, y'all know who you are!) is in this great state.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster lately... I can't explain it... maybe like a really hard break up?  Kind of like a I know its best to leave but Im really not sure because we've been through so much together type of break up!?  I mean I have had my days... tears just start pouring for no reason at all or I snap at Rick over nothing.. bless him.  I am getting a grip now though..pulling it together strong woman style.  It is whats best for our family and I know that and firmly believe God has guided us this far and will not leave us on this journey alone.  It truly is a blessing.

What's on the To-Do list you ask?
Well, this coming Monday we are heading to Cocoa Beach, Fl for Rick to meet with the man who retired from this territory to do you know, work stuff.  We are also going to viewing areas and meeting with a realtor.  So we have our work cut out for us next week as well as the weeks to come, but it is exciting at the same time.  After we find a place to live, whether we rent for a while to figure out the area or buy, we will make the move.  Right now we are looking to be moved down by the end of May. 

So that's it folks, we are on a new and exciting road to a new place to make home!  Any and all prayers appreciated!  Thank goodness for social media, facetime, etc.. so we can all stay "close!"  Oh yeah and transportation so everyone come visit! HA! 
 I cannot even put into words the love we have for our incredible family and friends.  We are so BLESSED to have you.  Each and every one of you.  Thank you for the LOVE & SUPPORT!


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  1. So excited for your family and very happy to have you guys in FLORIDA!!! Can you say launch party with your sista, Chelsea!!