Where I've been.. Where I am now.. and where I am going...

Why hello there strangers...

 It has been quite sometime since I have given any sort of update on my life.  And by "quite some time" I mean roughly 3 years.  YEP.   You've sat and waited on this busy mama and I am back and committed to a minimum of ONE weekly blog for the next 3 MONTHS!  My posts will cover:  new workouts, recipes, fitness/nutritional facts/tips,  and family life!

So let's rewind together shall we?
(Ill touch on the big things...let's be honest, you don't have all day to hear about the past few years of my life! :)

TWO years ago during this same exact time of year I was competing in my first ever bikini competition.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone, however it was an awesome way to set a goal.  I competed in the SNBF Bikini Competition for my PRO Card.

My competition preparation required 3 things.
1. Commitment
2. Physical Training
3. A Solid Nutritional Program

It was an experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone...we tend to grow as people when we do that.  This taught me a lot about myself.  I am grateful for the experience and the blessing of winning 1st place and Overall!  
I got my first pro card.. and my last because...

A little stork came to visit me after 9 months!
  I got pregnant in October 2012 with a sweet little boy who's name is James Henry Grice.  He came into this world last June 7th at 6:53 a.m.  My labor and birth (which Ill have to share that story sometime) with him was incredible and somehow my heart made room to love another child.  I am one blessed woman. 

Right before having JH we sold our house and Rick got a new job with Nucor.  It's requiring him to train here in SC for a year and we will be making a big move in May.  I'll share more info on that in the coming weeks!  It sure has been a wild, crazy and busy year but we have grown by LEAPS & BOUNDS... As individuals, as Christians, as husband and wife, as parents, and just flat out in GENERAL.  Our faith has doubled friends and for everything we've faced in the past year I am grateful.  

(Rick, Mara Mae, James Henry, and yours truly Mama Grice.)

We call him J.H. or Henry for the most part and he has the best big sister in the WORLD!  This picture is what my heart beating outside of my chest looks like...

Needless to say once I got to feeling back to normal after having my second child I got back on track with my workouts.  I thank God for that outlet... otherwise I may go crazy some days.  Literally.  Like today would have been one of those days.   WOOPS! Anyway, I'm thankful for that handsome sweaty guy in the picture above...he supports me as a wife, a mother, and he supports all of my passions.  It's a blessing to know you married your soulmate.

Oh yeah... and I chopped off all of my HAIR.  Crayyy, I know.  You couldn't have convinced me otherwise.  HORMONES  It's been nice not having the little one pull on it, but I really do miss my long hair some days... especially the ease of throwing it up in a pony tail!

*Hair was donated to locks of love

And so here we are, a busy family of 4!  Getting geared up for a BIG move and I can't wait to share with everyone about where we are going.  It is exciting and scary at the same time, but God has led us straight to this very point and we will continue to trust His guidance.  He has made things happen for us and opened doors that we could have NEVER dreamt.  He is an almighty and powerful God and I have witnessed the magnitude of his love, grace, and mercy.  We are simply humbled.

I am so glad to be back and getting in the swing of things.  Sharing my passions for health, fitness, and family is such a blessing and I know God has gifted me with the ability to help so many.  It would just be wrong not to! ;)  Love to all and thanks for catching up.

Talk to you soon

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