Easter Weekend 2011

As far as this little family goes...
this was Rick and I's:

8th Easter together
2nd Easter married
1st with Mara Mae (if you don't count her in utero!)


MM & Nonna

MM & Papa G

The Easter bunny sure is a lot more generous to youngin's these days!

She said she'll be walkin' in NOOO time ;)

Goin for the goods!

Visited a small church in the low county. 

Her FAVORITE place to be!

Certainly feeling EXTRA blessed this Easter.


IN EASTER SPIRIT (..but against my better judgement) Mara Mae's FIRST taste of her very own DARK chocolate bunny :P


"This is sweet..."

"Wait a second...."

                                                                       "THIS IS GRRREAT!!"


Ok, Mama let her baby girl get EXTRA crazy.. I even let her have a few licks of a lollipop.  Priceless moments tho!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!!!


  1. Love my sweet baby girl! These pictures are adorable! Glad yall had a great Easter, love you guys! :)